Ethernet-APL Conformance Testing

Ethernet-APL Conformance Test Services

Complete conformance testing, inclusive of the network and physical layer, is available for EtherNet/IP devices that communicate over the Ethernet-APL physical layer. Ethernet-APL physical layer only testing for EtherNet/IP and other networks is also offered.

Conformance testing verifies the Ethernet-APL physical layer functionality by checking that the different port types properly adhere to the relevant specifications. The EtherNet/IP communication network functionality can also be confirmed as a part of this process. Together, both tests ensure maximum interoperability between vendors as well as different types of instruments and infrastructure components. The availability of complete EtherNet/IP over Ethernet-APL conformance testing is the final step for ODVA to make the benefits of Ethernet available at the field level in the process industries.

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ODVA currently offers Ethernet-APL Conformance Test services at its Ann Arbor, Michigan, Test Service Provider (TSP) location. Please let us know about your product and conformance test needs using the form below.