Welcome, ODVA Technical Working Group Members!

If you work for an ODVA Member company, you may collaborate in advancing and promoting the adoption of ODVA technologies by joining various types of work groups.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) develop enhancements to the ODVA Specifications, as well as guidelines and recommendations for the application of ODVA technologies.

How to Join a SIG

ODVA members may apply to participate in SIGs by completing the Application and Agreement to Participate in ODVA Work Groups.

How to Access SIG Collaboration Areas

Once your application to join the SIG has been accepted by ODVA, you will receive an email from Microsoft via ODVA with a link.  Please use this email to link to your site.

The main landing page for all ODVA SharePoints linking you to all SharePoint sites to which you have access is

List of Active SIGs

SIGs with active work-in-process include:


The ODVA Roundtable for EtherNet/IP (Roundtable) is a community of EtherNet/IP implementors who share a common interest in helping to promote adoption, technical leadership, and interoperability of EtherNet/IP through: (1) exploratory technical discussion and collaboration with peers within ODVA and industry and (2) interoperability PlugFests.  Primary deliverable of the Roundtable are: (1) recommendation documents which then may migrate into SIGs for consideration as official specification enhancements and (2) maintenance of and enhancements to PlugFest test plans.  Roundtables are held throughout the year, and Members can register via the Event Calendar.

Territory Alliance Groups (TAGs) and Regional Interest Communities (RICs) are groups of members who work together to promote adoption of ODVA technologies in a specific geography. Primary deliverables of TAGs and RICs are events to promote industry awareness and interest in ODVA technologies, such as seminars, and support of ODVA exhibits at industry trade shows.  Contact ODVA for more information on TAG and RIC activities.