Conformance Test (CT) Updates

Specification Updates

ODVA is continuously updating its specifications to stay on the cutting edge of technology within industrial automation. New editions of the specifications are typically published twice a year in April and November.

Specification changes become effective on the first day of the month. Please note that some changes are effective immediately while others are effective in the future to provide preparation time, depending on the circumstances. Some specification changes may impact only new products that have not passed conformance testing, while others apply to all products, whether they have passed conformance testing previously or not. Changes may also be optional (customer choice), conditional (required under certain conditions), or mandatory (normally required for both existing and new devices; sometimes only for new devices).

Conformance Test (CT) Updates

Conformance test updates are released once per year and normally cover the specification changes for that year. There is usually a grace period that allows vendors to order conformance tests to the previous test release version for 30 days after the new conformance test release. Test orders are usually fulfilled within six months. The current CT releases are available here.

Please note that the effective date of each change is different. The table below shows upcoming mandatory changes along with the date of the specification change being published as well as when the change is effective.

Pub000317_ODVA Specificatipn Mandatory Change List_R18_2023-11Scope of Change:

  • O = Optional (customer choice)
  • C = Conditional (required under certain conditions)
  • M = Mandatory (normally required for both existing and new devices; sometimes only for new devices).

For the complete ODVA Specification Mandatory Change List, including past changes, see PUB00317 ODVA Specification Mandatory Change List R18.