The Future of
Industrial Automation

ODVA is a standards development organization and membership association whose members comprise the world’s leading industrial automation companies. ODVA works to advance open, interoperable information and communication technologies in industrial automation.

Leading Technology and Standards

We work directly with our members to plan and build the communication standards that you’ll need now and into the future.


EtherNet/IP™ was introduced in 2001 and today is the most developed, proven and complete industrial Ethernet network solution available for manufacturing automation.


The Common Industrial Protocol is the world’s leading communication protocol for automation with enhanced services.

Distinctive CIP™ Services

ODVA leads the industry in enhancement services such as: CIP Safety™, CIP Security™, CIP Sync™, CIP Energy™, and CIP Motion™.

Getting Started with ODVA Standards & Technologies

1. Product & Technology Planning

Understanding ODVA technologies early in your planning and development process is key to getting ODVA CONFORMANT products to market. ODVA’s recommended reading list of publications is designed to help determine what technologies are right for you.

To order any ODVA network specifications for technologies such as EtherNet/IP and CIP Safety, you’ll need to execute ODVA’s Terms of Usage Agreement.

2. Ordering Specifications

After executing the Terms of Use Agreement you can order the appropriate technology specifications for any of the following:

  • EtherNet/IP™
  • DeviceNet®
  • CIP Safety™
  • ControlNet®
  • CompoNet®

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3. Ordering Your Vendor ID

Each ODVA Licensed Vendor must obtain a unique Vendor ID (VID) that will be recorded in the firmware of your product and distributed by ODVA in its electronic file listing its Licensed Vendors with ODVA CONFORMANT™ products. The VID is required by the Terms of Usage Agreement and is mandatory for conformance testing.

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4. Tools & Assistance

ODVA provides tools and support to help answer your questions throughout the design, development, and conformance processes. Shorten the EtherNet/IP learning curve with the Developer’s ToolBox for EtherNet/IP. Pave the way to successful conformance testing by self-testing with the Protocol Conformance Test Suite — the same software that ODVA Test Service Providers (TSPs) use to determine whether your product is ODVA CONFORMANT. Learn more.

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5. Conformance Testing

When you are ready to submit your product for conformance testing, you can place an order to have your product tested at one of ODVA’s global Test Service Provider (TSP) locations.

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New Marketplace Gallery Product Listings from ODVA Members

If you’re looking for open and interoperable information and communication technology for your next industrial automation application, visit the Marketplace at where you will find a complete list of ODVA CONFORMANT™ products and detailed product information for featured listings in ODVA’s Marketplace product gallery.

Principal Members

Benefits of Membership in ODVA

Companies that make the choice to become an ODVA Member gain a first-to-market advantage for their products. ODVA provides the official means to stay informed about ODVA technologies and to enhance the ODVA specifications to meet members’ specific market requirements. By supporting the organization, members also help to ensure that the community of products built to ODVA technologies will be designed based on stable, open standards and tested to common conformance standards. 

ODVA members hail from around the world and bring global views and business needs to the association. By participating in ODVA, members receive the unique benefit of a multinational perspective that can only be gained through participation in a global organization. Global and regional marketing activities are also available to help member companies increase market awareness of their products that are built to ODVA technology standards.