Conformance Testing

Open specifications, such as those managed by ODVA, provide vendors with the ability to build products that will interoperate with products from other vendors, as well as will allow users to choose products that will interoperate in multi-vendor systems. ODVA’s specifications ensure a common network interface for those products. Product compliance with these specifications is essential to achieve interoperability of devices with multiple vendors.  

ODVA oversees product compliance with the CIP Network specifications using the following processes: 

  • Each vendor is required to sign a Terms of Usage Agreement for each ODVA technology for which they intend to make, have made, sell or have sold products. In signing this agreement, the vendor agrees to comply with the network technology specification and meet a set of user responsibilities.
  • Each product incorporating ODVA technology must be submitted for vendor-independent conformance testing run and administered by ODVA.  Receipt of a Declaration of Conformity by ODVA provides general industry with the assurance that products built to ODVA specifications comply with those specifications.

The ODVA conformance testing process brings a range of benefits for vendors, including:

  • Efficiency. Because ODVA TSPs evaluate a diverse range of products in a homologated test environment from many different vendors with range of approaches to product implementation, TSP test engineers are able provide vendors with reliable and timely feedback of the test results allowing the developer to correct any problems sooner than he/she would be able do working alone or, if no problems are found, release the product more quickly.
  • Know-How. ODVA conformance testware and procedures have been developed by ODVA’s technical staff based on its own experience determining compliance for thousands of products and the experience and expertise of its members who develop and oversee the specifications to which ODVA determines compliance. Members and staff together constitute a critical mass of know-how in ODVA technologies, standards and compliance that cannot be duplicated.
  • Objectivity. ODVA and its TSPs operate independently from any member or vendor providing you with added assurance that ODVA’s determination of compliance is made without bias and administered equally regardless of the Vendor submitting the product for evaluation.
  • Confidentiality. For your privacy, the testing engagement is kept confidential between ODVA’s professional staff, the Vendor and the TSP where the test services will be performed unless the Vendor authorizes ODVA to involve another party. Information regarding your product becomes public only when the DOC is posted to ODVA’s website where all DOCs are posted in accordance with ODVA’s Policy Regarding Compliant Products.
  • Better Products at Release. Many products don’t achieve compliance on the first attempt. The compliance process is efficiently designed in order to take this into account, and the thoroughness of the testing process results in better products that have less potential to cause problems when they are installed at the customer’s site.

A complete list of ODVA CONFORMANT products can be obtained under Conformant & Peripheral Products.

To learn more about the test process as a vendor and to order testing, visit Test Services.