Getting Started

Welcome to ODVA!  On this site, you will find a breadth of information on ODVA technologies and the ODVA organization. 

If you are an end user looking to learn more about ODVA technologies, such as EtherNet/IP, keep reading within this Technology & Standards section.  This section includes overviews of all ODVA technologies as well as a Document Library filled with key publications.  In addition, review the definitive list of products incorporating ODVA technologies in the Marketplace on the Conformant & Peripheral Products section.

If you are here to begin the process of developing a product that incorporates ODVA technologies, follow this short list to get started.

  • Read The Common Industrial Protocol and the Family of CIP Networks: At just about 100 pages, this publication is detailed enough to help you acquire important terminology and learn the basic architecture and features of ODVA technologies and standards – but still fall in the category of a quick read. Interested? Download now.
  • Execute an ODVA Terms of Usage Agreement (TOU) for the ODVA technologies of interest: The TOU is the foundational document behind the large and vibrant community of adopters. It is the license agreement between ODVA and your company that every company signs to become an ODVA Licensed Vendor. The TOU defines your company’s responsibilities and rights under the agreement. Your company must have this agreement in place for you to be able to order the specifications in which you are interested. Ready? Request the Agreement here.
  • Order ODVA specifications needed: Although not light reading, a developer can’t get by without these, no matter what approach you finally take with your development project – whether working with an enabling technology partner, doing it all yourself, or something in between. Specifications are fulfilled as annual subscriptions, and they are updated twice a year with new material. Ready to dig in? Order now (costs are on the order form).
  • Order Vendor ID: This very important number, known inside ODVA as the VID, is the unique number assigned by ODVA to your company indicating to industry that your company is an official ODVA Licensed Vendor. The VID is required for Conformance Testing. There is a one-to-one association between your company’s TOU and the VID assigned to your company. The VID will be recorded in the firmware for your product, distributed by ODVA in its electronic file listing of Licensed Vendors with ODVA CONFORMANT™ products, and reported on ODVA’s website in its information about Licensed Vendors who have developed ODVA CONFORMANT™ products. You can order together with your specification or wait. Need a VID today? Order now (costs are on the order form).
  • Join ODVA: Members receive benefits not available to companies who opt only to be a Licensed Vendor, including preview of draft specifications before their release as final specifications and preferred pricing on most items available through ODVA, such as the subscriptions to the specifications. Your company can join as soon as you can demonstrate intentions to make and sell products using ODVA technologies. Interested? Read more to analyze the benefits of membership in ODVA for you and your company.
  • Review additional resources in the Developer Hub: Resources described in this area of the site are aimed at helping you shorten the time-to-market for your product(s) by fast-tracking your own know-how, improving productivity, and pointing you to sources of enabling technology. Click here to check it out now!

ODVA’s staff are here to assist you if you need further help.  Click the About link in the menu bar to reach us.