IIoT / Industry 4.0

ODVA is committed to ensuring that EtherNet/IP meets all requirements of Industry 4.0 and IIoT.  EtherNet/IP is a proven industrial automation network that is object-oriented, multi-vendor interoperable, and highly standardized. EtherNet/IP also leverages TCP/IP and commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and works across HTTP, FTP, SNMP, and DHCP to better connect the work cell to the broader infrastructure. The object-oriented foundation of EtherNet/IP has been a key factor in its current global industrial success and will play an important role in continuing its growth with accelerating IT and OT convergence. Continuous enhancements to EtherNet/IP are both planned and underway to meet future industrial communication and control needs across both the discrete and process industries. 

Unparalleled device level security along with best-in-class safety, motion/synchronization, and energy performance within industrial control, combined with inherent TCP/IP capability for higher level communication, make EtherNet/IP an ideal solution for both today and tomorrow. EtherNet/IP was designed to excel at the most challenging control applications while at the same time being future proofed by being based on standard, unmodified Ethernet with the ability to transport critical diagnostic and prognostic information where it needs to go for analysis and action. 

Factory floor to cloud connectivity is a key component of IIoT. ODVA is developing an OPC UA Companion Specification for CIP as one way to help address this need.