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Application and Agreement to Participate in ODVA Work Groups

All ODVA Members in good standing may participate in ODVA Work Groups, subject to the privileges available to the entity’s class of membership in ODVA and additional requirements as may have been established for specific Work Groups. Participation in Work Groups with a scope of work focused on a specifically licensed ODVA Technology (EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, CompoNet and CIP Safety) requires that the ODVA MEMBER:

(1) be an ODVA licensed vendor for the Technology;

(2) make and sell products, or exhibit well-documents plans to make sell products, using the ODVA Technology.

Other requirements may apply for participation in specific Work Groups. One or more individuals may participate on behalf of a given ODVA MEMBER in a given Work Group subject to complete of this Application and Agreement and its subsequent approval by ODVA.