Call for Papers

2022 Industry Conference & 21st Annual Meeting 

Presentation on March 9, 2022 at the 
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay
San Diego, California USA 

Abstract submission deadline: 
September 10, 2021 

ODVA’s Industry Conference is committed to bringing together the best minds in the industry to present insights on emerging technology and standards that will drive the future of industrial automation and smart manufacturing initiatives around the world.  Experts from ODVA’s Member companies are invited to submit abstracts for consideration on the following topics: 

  • Functional enhancements to EtherNet/IP 
  • Advancements in wireless technologies including 5G  
  • Advancements for the process industries, including Ethernet-APL and information modeling such as PA-DIM 
  • Advancements in single pair Ethernet (in addition to Ethernet-APL noted above), including in-cabinet  
  • Device integration, including xDS device descriptions 
  • Cybersecurity ecosystem and advancements in CIP Security 
  • Time Sensitive Networking 
  • Cloud connectivity 

In addition, other topics not listed above will be considered provided they are relevant in the context of current and emerging ODVA technology and standards.  The focus of a paper may be targeted at use cases, technical innovations, methods, current and emerging standards, or some combination of these aspects. Papers are expected to examine and propose engineering techniques and innovations to achieve a specific objective. 

Paper may be authored by multiple individuals who are employees of Member companies.  Secondary authors who are not Members but are stakeholders in the ODVA ecosystem are permitted At least one author is required to attend ODVA’s 2022 Industry Conference & 21st Annual Meeting of Members in person to present the paper.  Following the event, papers will be published online at as a part of the 2022 Industry Conference proceedings.  

Abstracts can be submitted via the form below by the September 10, 2021, deadline. 


Milestone  Deadline 
Call for papers opens  April 12, 2021 
Last day to submit abstracts  September 10, 2021 
Final notification of acceptance of abstracts  September 17, 2021 
Initial submission of draft technical papers and PowerPoints due  October 29, 2021 
Initial feedback to authors  November 19, 2021 
Revised submissions of technical papers and PowerPoints due (must include short author biography and separate .jpg of author photo)  January 14, 2022 
Second round of feedback to authors  January 28, 2022 
Final submissions of technical papers and PowerPoints due  February 18, 2022 
Presentation at ODVA 2022 Industry Conference  March 9, 2022