EtherNet/IP Adds Process Device Profile Support for Enhanced Process Variable and Diagnostic Standardization

Hanover, Germany – April 17, 2023 – ODVA announced today that process device profiles have been added to The EtherNet/IPTM Specification to provide automation practitioners with another critical tool to help optimize plant operations. Process device profiles provide a standard format for process variables and diagnostics across an array of devices for smoother vendor interoperability… Continue reading

ODVA Conformance Testing Available for EtherNet/IP Devices on the Ethernet-APL Physical Layer for Process Automation

Nuremberg, Germany – November 8, 2022 – ODVA announced today that conformance testing is now available for EtherNet/IP network-enabled devices that communicate over the Ethernet-APL physical layer. Conformance testing verifies the Ethernet-APL physical layer functionality by checking that the different port types properly adhere to the relevant specifications. The EtherNet/IP communication network functionality is also… Continue reading

ISA100 WCI, NAMUR, ODVA, PI, VDMA, and ZVEI Plan to Partner with FieldComm Group and OPC Foundation to Collaboratively Develop the Process Automation Device Information Model Standard

Collaboration promises to simplify integration of OT and IT systems by optimizing process automation end users’ management of data from field devices Frankfurt, Germany – August 23, 2022 – Major standards development and end user organizations serving the process automation industry announce today ongoing collaboration work on the specification for a standardized Process Automation Device… Continue reading

APL Project Successfully Completed: Ethernet-APL is Here!

Specifications Internationally Standardized, Conformance Test Plans Implemented, First Products Released Frankfurt, Germany – August 23, 2022: After almost 4 years of close and fruitful collaboration between the four leading standards development organizations, FieldComm Group, ODVA, OPC Foundation, and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI), combined with significant support from 12 major industry project partners, the participants… Continue reading

Single Common Conformance Test Plan to be Available for the IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN Profile for Industrial Automation

Hanover, Germany – May 30, 2022: the Avnu Alliance, CC-Link Partner Association, ODVA, OPC Foundation, and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International jointly announce that they are collaborating to develop a single conformance test plan for the IEEE/IEC 60802 Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) profile for Industrial Automation. The test plan will be used as a base test… Continue reading

ODVA Accelerates Innovation at Its 21st Annual Meeting of Members

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA – March 28, 2022 – ODVA held its 21st Annual Meeting of Members in San Diego, California, USA on March 10, 2022. With over 85 industry professionals from 30 companies in attendance, highlights of the Annual Meeting included a keynote on the future of the field instrumentation layer in process automation… Continue reading

ODVA Leadership Elected for 22nd Term

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA – March 28, 2022 – The leadership for ODVA’s 22nd term was elected and announced at the 21st Annual Meeting of Members in San Diego, California, USA on March 10, 2022. The introduction of the Market Advisory Committee is notable in that it will help ensure EtherNet/IP is well positioned for… Continue reading

EtherNet/IP Network Specification Complete for Ethernet-APL Physical Layer for Process Automation

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA – November 23, 2021 – ODVA announced today that The EtherNet/IP™ Specification has been enhanced to enable EtherNet/IP networks to support the Ethernet-APL physical layer for process automation. Licensed Vendors for the EtherNet/IP technology can immediately start developing EtherNet/IP components for Ethernet-APL, including controllers, power switches, field switches, and instrumentation. Ethernet-APL… Continue reading

CIP Security Enhanced to Support Resource-Constrained EtherNet/IP Devices

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA – April 12, 2021 – ODVA is pleased to announce that CIP SecurityTM, the cybersecurity network extension for EtherNet/IPTM, has added support for resource-constrained EtherNet/IP devices. CIP Security can now provide device authentication, a broad trust domain, device identity via Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs), device integrity, and data confidentiality for resource-constrained devices… Continue reading