The CIP Motion Peer Connection for Real-Time Machine to Machine Control

Technical Abstract

This white paper discusses how the Peer Connection enables a highly distributed and modular motion control architecture. This Peer Connection is un-intrusive in the system and easily layered across multi-vendor implementations – creating a unique, unifying real-time solution for electronic line shafting and camming applications for real-time machine to machine coordination. Today, no such solution exists in industry at this level of the network topology. The Peer Connection also allows motion planner execution to move from the controller to the drive, providing a major boost in overall system performance. Finally, the distribution of motion functions in the form of I/O devices, feedback sensors, and standalone converters (functionality that is already defined in today’s Motion Device Axis Object,) results in a clean, efficient and modular control architecture that is easily deployed and easily scaled.

Paper and presentation from the 2012 ODVA Industry Conference & 15th Annual Meeting

Mark Chaffee, Rockwell Automation

Steve Zuponcic, Rockwell Automation