IT and OT Convergence – Recommendations for Building an IoT-Ready Manufacturing Network

Technical Paper Abstract
Manufacturing networks are evolving towards a converged architecture with integrated IT and OT systems. Connecting devices and assets in a converged architecture enables data acquisition, remote monitoring and cloud based predictive analytics. This leads to lower costs, higher productivity, and greater visibility into plant operations. However the converged network design must ensure that security and performance requirements are not compromised as a result. This session will provide an overview of various use cases, best practices and architecture recommendations in the areas of resiliency, wireless, defense-in-depth security as well as cloud connectivity and integration.


Paper and presentation from the 2017 Industry Conference & 18th Annual Meeting of Members
Arun Siddeswaran, Cisco Systems
Gregory Wilcox, Rockwell Automation

IT OT Convergence, best practices, architecture, manufacturing, design, industrial