Industrial Field-Bus Standards Update (Physical Layer)

Technical Abstract

Standardization of cabling systems for communications networks has been ongoing since the early 90s. Since the initial standardization of industrial cabling systems for ODVA there have been many new high performance components and enhancements added. The standards organizations continue to work to provide standardization of these new components and systems. There are several national and international cabling standards that have a direct impact on networks throughout the world. These standards are either based on ODVA network standards and/or are the foundation for the ODVA networks.

This paper will focus on the current state of these standards and bring the audience up to date on how they affect ODVA. In addition some of these standards organizations are working on new physical layers that when ready may offer a great benefit to ODVA and its networks. For example IEEE 802.3 is working on a completely new 1Gb/s network the will offer a great benefit in the total cost of ownership for ODVA customers.

Paper and presentation from the 2014 ODVA Industry Conference & 16th Annual Meeting

Bob Lounsbury, Rockwell Automation