EtherNet/IP to the Edge – A Concept for “Low-complexity Ethernet”

Technical Paper Abstract
Simple field devices, such as sensors and actuators, have long resisted incorporating Ethernet as a fieldbus interface. The reasons for this reluctance are plenty, but from a device integration viewpoint, the limiting factors have been the size, power, and cost of the Ethernet interface itself. Many advancements in communication technology have taken place over the past few years that have changed the landscape for Ethernet to address these limitations. This paper defines the concept of “Low-complexity Ethernet” and describes how this concept can be used to bring reliable EtherNet/IP communication to edge devices like sensors and actuators. The paper will also identify future directions that could enable brownfield installations to take advantage of bringing EtherNet/IP to the edge.

Paper and presentation from the 2017 Industry Conference & 18th Annual Meeting of Members 
David Alsup, Innovasic
Tom Weingartner, Innovasic

EtherNet/IP, Industrial Ethernet, Ethernet Interface, Fieldbus, Field Device, Sensors, Actuators, Edge Devices, IIoT