EtherNet/IP Over IPv6 – Evolution, Not Revolution for the World’s Leading Industrial Ethernet Variant

Technical Abstract

In this paper we explore the technical impact of migration to IPv6 for CIP Technologies and its implications for modern EtherNet/IP devices. The paper will make proposals for the inclusion of IPv6 in EtherNet/IP together with IPv4. The paper will explore the architectural implications for end users of EtherNet/IP technologies when operating in a hybrid EtherNet/IP over IPv4 and IPv6 environment. The paper will outline areas where the EtherNet/IP specification must be enhanced and will make proposals for technical implementations of these changes for consideration by the ODVA community. The paper will also highlight the IPv6 development practice by making dual stack IPv4-IPv6 prototypes of EtherNet/IP configuration software, scanner and adapter devices. The paper will explore the steps that a number of companies have gone through in constructing a multi-vendor proof of concept for partial dual stack IPv4-IPv6 implementation of EtherNet/IP. We conclude that the future proof design of EtherNet/IP ensures that migration to IPv6 can be managed incrementally and gradually by our customers, and at their own paces.

Paper and presentation from the 2012 ODVA Industry Conference & 15th Annual Meeting

Dayin XU, Rockwell Automation

Yi YU, Rockwell Automation

Paul Brooks, Rockwell Automation

Brian Batke, Rockwell Automation