DeviceNet of Things – Use Cases, Value Proposition and Status of Specification

Technical Paper Abstract
This paper introduces the key technical concepts associated with the specification enhancements proposed for Volume 3 (DevicNet) of the CIP Specification related to “DeviceNet of Things” SIG work. It includes discussions around the following topics:

  • How DeviceNet will be enhanced as an in-panel cabling and communication system solution. Connection methods and ease of use will be improved without posing business or compatibility risk to those already applying DeviceNet.
  • An overview of the new “DeviceNet or Things” specification enhancement set that builds on the existing DeviceNet specification, including:
  1. The proposed in-cabinet cabling and connector solution.
  2. Support for the discovery and presentation of the physical topology of network nodes based on their relative geographical position on the network.
  3. How network geographical information will be provided to remote clients when a DeviceNet of Things network is implemented as a subnet to other CIP networks such as EtherNet/IP.
  4. How simplified network commissioning will be performed by remote client tools and/or CIP Routers
  5. How the system will facilitate the development of low cost communication interfaces for devices with extremely cost sensitive bills of materials.
  6. How the system will support the automatic replacement of defective nodes with compatible nodes of the same type during full system operation, and how “geographic device keying” will help facilitate this.
  7. How a new “Power Tap” architecture will allow commercial off the shelf power supplies to be used in DeviceNet of Things systems.
  8. How “Smart Taps” and “Smart Terminators” will provide improved network diagnostic capabilities in a DeviceNet of Things system.
  9. How “Smart Drops” can be developed to allow existing DeviceNet nodes to work in a DeviceNet of Things system.
  • How the DeviceNet of Things will help pave the way for future adoption of EtherNet/IP as Ethernet costs continue to decline.

Paper and presentation from the 2017 Industry Conference & 18th Annual Meeting of Members 
John Caspers, Rockwell Automation


DoT – DeviceNet of Things, Smart Tap, Smart Terminator, Smart Drop, Nodal Geography, Actual Nodal Geography, Reference Geography, Network Power, Select Line, Select Line Protocol, Group 5 Messaging, IDC – Insulation Displacement Connector, Device Commissioning, Network Commissioning