A Central Network Controller for Industrial Automation – What Does It Mean for ODVA Technologies?

Technical Paper Abstract

Digitization is driving Manufacturing innovation. Manufacturers are integrating their own and partner-based digital services and capabilities, creating software defined factories to meet these needs. As well, manufacturers are looking to increase flexibility, improve security and reduce maintenance, separating HW from SW and virtualizing key industrial assets. Applying the power of predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence and digital twins optimizes factory operations and improves product quality at an ever-increasing pace, creating Software Defined Factories. IT has already created an SW-Defined Networking (SDN) model. A software defined production network is needed to provide dynamic, resilient connectivity and security – a SW-defined network for the SW-defined factory. A Centralized Network Controller (CNC) is the centerpiece of a SW-defined network. This session will focus on the CNC’s role in production systems and present architectures and key considerations to migrate to these new models. This paper will discuss how ODVA-based industrial automation systems may be adapted to utilize and integrate with software-defined networks.

Paper and presentation from the 2023 ODVA Industry Conference & 22nd Annual Meeting

Paul Didier, Cisco Systems