The Integration of Time-Sensitive Networking into EtherNet/IP Technologies

Technical Paper Abstract
Time-sensitive networking (TSN) technologies represent a potentially disruptive force in the automation industry. TSN impacts basic layer 2 networking and network management by providing standardized approaches for deterministic network performance. To address this trend, ODVA’s Technical Review Board convened a member committee comprised of industry experts familiar with TSN. This paper will share the committee’s findings to date including links, ties, and uncertainty due to the IEC/IEEE 60802 industrial profile for TSN. It will also explore the motivation for adopting TSN technologies, the application of TSN to various industrial use cases, the impact of TSN on bridges and end stations, a proposed mapping of CIP connections to TSN streams and the application of TSN to existing CIP technologies including CIP Sync, CIP Motion, and DLR.

Paper and presentation from the 2022 ODVA Industry Conference & 21st Annual Meeting

Mark Hantel, Rockwell Automation
Jordon Woods, Analog Devices, Inc.