Standard Data Structures for Machinery

Technical Paper Abstract

The Special Interest Group (SIG) for Machinery Information seeks to optimize the integration of manufacturing machines within the industrial ecosystem. The SIG is developing guidelines for exchange of information between machines and supervisory systems. A basic machinery Information description and a data model to organize the base machinery information for exchange with upper level systems was created. An extended data structure that allows the mapping of other data model (e.g. ODVA’s CIP Energy model) has been proposed for addition to the base machinery data model.

This paper will discuss the basic data structures that have been defined for machine to supervisory information exchange as well as the extended data models that convey additional information about the machinery or the process. The data is given context in terms of state and status of the machine. The types of machines and supervisory systems for which the data models, states, and statuses are intended are outlined. These data structures will be mapped to CIP, Sercos, and OPC UA to meet the needs of the industrial market and to make conversion of inter-network data transfers easier.

Paper and presentation from the 2015 ODVA Industry Conference  & 17th Annual Meeting

Rainer Beudert, Schneider Electric

Ludwig Leurs, Bosch-Rexroth

Steve Zuponcic, Rockwell Automation