High Availability in EtherNetIP Systems Using PRP

Technical Abstract

This paper describes how to provide high availability in EtherNet/IP™ systems using parallel redundancy protocol (PRP) for industrial automation, utility infrastructures, and tunnel applications that demand uninterrupted operation.

Critical system applications are often required to maintain high availability for all transmission, generation, distribution, and communication network components. For critical infrastructures and time sensitive processes, downtime is never allowed.

These systems may incorporate redundancy to cope with points of failure in their infrastructure. The key performance factor of redundancy is the recovery time. Recovery time is the time needed to restore normal operation after a disruption. A key characteristic of recovery time is its determinism, i.e., the certainty that the desired recovery time is met.

Stringent system applications require zero recovery (switchover) time. PRP provides zero recovery time.

Paper and presentation from the 2014 ODVA Industry Conference & 16th Annual Meeting

George A. Ditzel III, Schneider Electric