Expanding Constrained EtherNet/IP to On-Machine Sensors

Technical Paper Abstract

Since IEEE802.3cg task force completed the 10BASE-T1S and 10BASE-T1L Ethernet standard development in September 2019, ODVA started its own adoption of these Ethernet technologies. In-cabinet EtherNet/IP usage profile based on 10BASE-T1S Ethernet and Ethernet-APL Instrument profile based on 10BASE-T1L Ethernet have been introduced into the EtherNet/IP Specification. This session discusses another potential EtherNet/IP usage profile: the On-Machine sensor EtherNet/IP usage profile. A couple of thoughts on the constrained EtherNet/IP On-Machine Single Pair Ethernet (OMSPE) sensor network are explored, including the OMSPE system architecture (the physical topology, the media, the infrastructure taps, the SPE sensor), the communication architecture, the power delivery architecture, and the enhanced DLR (DLR+) protocol with the network discovery, commissioning, and diagnosis function etc. With the sensor supporting the constrained EtherNet/IP connectivity, it not only simplifies the communication technology from the sensor to controller for the traditional industrial control use cases, but also opens new opportunities for the information analytics use cases with the direct communication channel from the sensor to the compute/cloud. As a result, this will add value to the ODVA technology adopters. Most of the concepts that will be discussed in this session have been proved to work within the scope of research prototyping. Further collaborations on this topic within the ODVA community are expected, in the areas of concept optimization for product design, specification enhancement and ecosystem development.

Paper and presentation from the 2023 ODVA Industry Conference & 22nd Annual Meeting

Dayin Xu, Rockwell Automation
David Brandt, Rockwell Automation
Paul Brooks, Rockwell Automation