E2E Links – New ISO/IEC Channel Definitions

Technical Paper Abstract
As Ethernet expands so does the methods of measuring the cabling system performance. Industrial customers tend to install cables and then terminate in-place. The quality of the field termination is dependent on many factors including wire end preparation. The cables and connectors used in the channel may meet or exceed the component specifications, but if improperly terminated the link or channel may not. The cabling industry channel definitions and tests do not include the plugs (or connections) at the two ends of the channel. This means that, if the ends of the cables are improperly prepared the channel will pass but the performance may be less than satisfactory. The international standards committees for industrial have been working to define a new definition called End to End Links (E2E Links). These links not only include the connections between the two ends but also include the end connections. This paper will discuss these new links and how they will help your customers and field service personnel diagnose cable problems and verify cabling in the field.

Paper and presentation from the 2017 Industry Conference & 18th Annual Meeting of Members
Bob Lounsbury, Rockwell Automation

Physical Layers, Ethernet, IEC, ISO/IEC, TIA, E2E Links, MICE, Automation Island