Common Industrial Cloud Interface – Uses Cases and Technical Requirements for Data Transfer

Technical Paper Abstract
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is here, bringing new technologies, challenges and opportunities to industrial automation. Companies are looking to the internet and cloud computing to provide new ways to improve operations, increasing productivity and generate more revenue. Acquiring data from devices is a primary focus of IIoT in the market today, but there are definitely opportunities to do more. What are the challenges presented by these relatively new applications? What technologies are being leveraged to solve these challenges? What capabilities are needed to allow CIP Devices to provide an advantage in these applications? This paper will cover various applications or use cases and discuss the challenges presented by these applications. Several open communication protocols in use today will be examined as possible solutions to these challenges. Opportunities to leverage or extend existing standards, including ODVA standards, will be discussed.

Paper and presentation from the 2017 Industry Conference & 18th Annual Meeting of Members 
Stephen C. Briant, Rockwell Automation

Device, Cloud, Gateway, Interfaces, Messaging, Storage, Analytics, Streaming, Big Data, IIoT