Commissioning Cabling Infrastructure for OT Networks

Technical Paper Abstract

All Ethernet applications require the transmitted data to reach receivers without excessive loss of signal or interference from electrical noise. If the signal-to-noise ratio is too high, applications like Ethernet/IP will not function correctly, and data may be lost or require re-transmission. By employing good commissioning practices, one can ensure that the cabling installation will support traditional Ethernet physical layer requirements like 100/1000BASE-T as well as Single-Pair applications such as 10BASE-T1L and Ethernet-APL.

This paper will describe many aspects of a quality commissioning practice:

  • Standards for specification of OT network wiring systems including power delivery
  • Specific commissioning tests for point-to-point links to identify non-compliant cable or connectors, as well workmanship issues
  • Measurement properties and associated industry standards for physical infrastructure
  • Network topologies and wiring practices
  • Re-purposing legacy cabling for industrial Ethernet

Paper and presentation from the 2022 ODVA Industry Conference  & 21st Annual Meeting

Theodore Brillhart, Fluke Electronics Corp.