CIP Energy Profiles

Technical Abstract

The ODVA Energy Applications Special Interest Group (SIG) has invested significant work to define an Energy Management Object. This object complements the previously defined energy awareness and power management objects. The Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™) energy objects define standard attributes and services for measuring power and energy as well as reducing energy usage, during idle time and during production. The objects also support optional attributes and services that allow vendors to implement these objects in various ways. This variety may present challenges to system designers and end users when selecting and deploying devices with CIP energy objects in actual operation.

In the CIP specification, device profiles are defined. The profiles benefit customers because different devices from different vendors with the same device profile are interchangeable from a CIP perspective. A similar concept could be deployed from an energy perspective. An energy profile would not replace, but would complement, a device profile, since it should be possible for a device to have both a device and an energy profile.

This paper will introduce the concept and benefits of an energy profile. A brief introduction to the CIP Energy™ Objects will first be presented. Based on these objects, several profiles will be explored (e.g. power meter, drive, PLC, etc.). For each of these profiles, the energy objects that are present, as well as the optional services and attributes that should be present are defined. In addition, both device and client behaviors are considered, as well as application use cases.

Paper and presentation from the 2014 ODVA Industry Conference & 16th Annual Meeting

Rich Morgan, Rockwell Automation

Rick Blair, Schneider Electric