Advances in Robust, Easy to Install Fiber Cabling Systems to Support EtherNet/IP

Technical Abstract

Traditional fiber cabling systems that support high bandwidth enterprise applications are being extended into industrial plant floor applications. At the machine control level, current needs for easy to deploy, robust fiber solutions that support 100Mb/s communications exist. For many EtherNet/IP applications requiring fiber, the use of currently available cabling systems presents unique challenges regarding robustness, support of real-time, low latency communication, and deployment ease by factory personnel. These challenges tend to inhibit the use of fiber and increase Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Recently, fiber manufacturers have introduced Hard Clad Silica (HCS®) fibers with improved bandwidth. These fibers are environmentally and mechanically robust and address difficult installation challenges. Through fundamental fiber design, these industrial fibers enable rapid and simple LC connector field termination with simple hand tools and a short learning curve. ODVA standards recognize the LC connector in both sealed and unsealed applications and high volume transceiver manufacturers have standardized the small form factor LC as the Media Device Interface of choice for 1000Mb/s and beyond channels. This paper addresses current 100Mb/s applications with EtherNet/IP devices as well as the need for easy to deploy higher-bandwidth links requiring 1Gb/s transmission.

Paper and presentation from the 2012 ODVA Industry Conference & 15th Annual Meeting

Robert A. Reid, Panduit Corp

Daniel T. McGrath, Panduit Corp.

Michael Hines, OFS Specialty Photonics Division