Open specifications, such as those managed by ODVA, provide vendors with the ability to build products that will interoperate with products from other vendors and allow users to choose products that will interoperate in multi-vendor systems. The CIP Network specifications ensure a common network interface for those products. Product compliance with these specifications is essential to achieve interoperability of devices with multiple vendors.  

ODVA oversees product compliance with the CIP Network specifications using the following processes: 

  • Each vendor is required to sign a Terms of Usage Agreement for each ODVA technology for which they intend to make, have made, sell or have sold products. In signing this agreement, the vendor agrees to comply with the network technology specification and meet a set of user responsibilities.  
  • ODVA's conformance testing provides general industry with the vendor-independent assurance that products built to the CIP Network specifications comply with those specifications.

ODVA offers a variety of tests for its technologies. Typically a test consists of a suite of tests that are collectively released by ODVA as a Composite Test (“CT”) followed by a revision level. The current revisions of the various CTs are listed below.

Technology Revision 
CIP Node on EtherNet/IP  CT17
CIP Node on DeviceNet CT31
CIP Node on CompoNet CT01 
CIP Node on ControlNet CT12 
CIP Safety Node on DeviceNet CT30-DS
CIP Safety Node on EtherNet/IP CT17-ES
CIP Safety Node on SERCOS
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Upon successful completion of a conformance test and provided the vendor and product is in compliance with all ODVA policies, the product will receive a Declaration of Conformity stating that the product is ODVA CONFORMANT™.  A complete list of ODVA CONFORMANT products may be viewed in the MARKETPLACE.