The Other 5 Wires in the In-Cabinet SPE Solution

Technical Abstract

The rapid evolution of Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology is revolutionizing the industrial panel building sector by introducing groundbreaking advancements in control wire reduction and, in certain cases, even eliminating the need for control wiring altogether. This session highlights the transformative impact of the SPE/T1S implementation, as defined by ODVA’s released specification in April 2021, which introduces a flat ribbon solution consisting of seven conductors. Among these seven conductors, five are specifically designed to streamline panel wirings, significantly simplifying the complex network of connections. This is achieved by providing switch power for in-panel devices, thereby reducing the dependency on traditional control wiring methods. The remaining two conductors within the SPE/T1S implementation are responsible for enabling seamless SPE/T1S connectivity, ensuring optimal communication between devices. By leveraging SPE technology and the SPE/T1S implementation, industrial panel builders can benefit from improved efficiency, reduced complexity, and enhanced performance in their control systems. This session sheds light on the significant potential of SPE technology to reshape the landscape of industrial panel building, empowering businesses to optimize their operations and embrace the future of streamlined and efficient control wire solutions.

Presentation from the 2023 ODVA Industry Conference & 22nd Annual Meeting

Kelly Passineau, Rockwell Automation
Chirag Malkan, Rockwell Automation
Jakub Korbel, Rockwell Automation