Mapping CIP to OPC UA

Technical Paper Abstract

The world is abuzz with talk of the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. Digitization, smart technologies, machine-to-machine communications, Internet of Things deployments, the list goes on, and on. All of these innovative concepts will benefit from the standardized exchange of information between all levels of an industrial system. New products will evolve over time, but existing technologies can be adapted now to leverage the massive installed base of CIP-enabled products around the world. One such technology that is gaining acceptance is OPC UA. Many vendors, end users, and industry consortia have converged on OPC UA as a vendor-neutral mechanism to exchange data. ODVA and OPC Foundation are jointly developing a CIP Companion Specification to support this data exchange.

This paper documents the approach taken by that joint working group to map the CIP information model to the OPC UA information model. With this mapping, applications utilizing OPC UA and its associated companion specifications can obtain data from CIP devices without the need to understand CIP. This solution will easily bring value to end users seeking to extract more data from existing installations for their evolving application needs.

Paper and presentation from the 2022 ODVA Industry Conference  & 21st Annual Meeting

Gregory Majcher, Rockwell Automation