Industrial Automation Wireless Networks Update – Ever More Relevant for CIP Communications

Technical Paper Abstract

Wireless is no longer just an extension of the Enterprise WiFi. Industrial wireless use cases are increasing in industrial operations: AR/VR assistance for personnel, location services, highspeed SW downloads to products and mobile machinery and assets. The wireless technology choices are also growing: WiFi, 5G/Private5G, sensor networks, Bluetooth, ultra-wideband and other reliable wireless technologies. The technologies are making enhancements for industrial use cases. All offer opportunities to enhance safety, security, and efficiency. This session will explore the wireless options providing key considerations around Use Case, Spectrum, Distance, Reliability, Speed, Latency, Management and Total Cost of Ownership. Additionally, the session will consider how ODVA may be able to help users and vendors integrate wireless technologies for use in CIP communications.

Paper and presentation from the 2023 ODVA Industry Conference & 22nd Annual Meeting

Paul Didier, Cisco Systems
David Brandt, Rockwell Automation
Bob Voss, Panduit