General Technical Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in ODVA Technology and Standards! The audience for this page is engineers with general technical questions about ODVA Technology and Standards as defined by the area of this website with the same name.

For a list of helpful publications available from ODVA, visit the Publications Download at this website, where you can find some general guidelines and overview documents. For information about products that are available with ODVA Technology and Standards, visit the ODVA MARKETPLACE at this website. For a step-by-step overview of what’s involved in developing a product with ODVA Technologies and Standards, visit the KNOW-HOW HUB at this website. 

If, after thoroughly perusing this website, you still haven’t found what you need to know, you may submit a technical inquiry to ODVA using the form below. Allow up to 10 business days for a response. 

Before you submit your inquiry, review the table below so that you understand the types of inquiries that ODVA does not answer. If you submit any of these types of inquiries, you will not receive a reply from ODVA other than the automatically generated response that your inquiry has been submitted to ODVA.

Technical Inquiries Not Answered by ODVA

Where You Can Get Help

Installation, integration, troubleshooting and/or maintenance of specific products.

Contact the manufacturer, distributor and/or system integrator. 

Design, development and debugging of software and hardware implementations of ODVA Technology that is either already in a field installation or still in product development. 

Contact an ODVA member who provides enabling technology and/or engineering services.

Explanations and/or interpretations of third-party technologies and standards that are outside of ODVA’s Technology and Standards as defined in the area of this website so named and thus not managed by ODVA. This includes normative references in ODVA specifications to third party standards such as NEMA and IEEE.

Contact the entity who manages the third-party technology and/or standard. 


Submit your question via our Technical Inquiry form.