Update from IEEE: On-going work in Audio-Video-Bridging, Precise Time Synchronization and Time-Sensitive Networking

Technical Abstract

Real-Time networks have been successfully utilized in the Industrial Automation application space for several years. More recently, these networks have moved from fieldbus to Ethernet technology. However, these Real-Time networks are often not interoperable. This severely hampers market adoption. Recent developments in IEEE 802 and IEEE 1588 express the promise of reduced latency and jitter for IEEE standardized Ethernet. This paper provides an overview of what the IEEE is currently working on. It also shows how the new technology may tie into the existing Industrial Automation application space and into CIP™ / EtherNet/IP™ in particular.

Paper and presentation from the 2014 ODVA Industry Conference & 16th Annual Meeting

Norm Finn, Cisco Systems

Rudy Klecka, Cisco Systems

Oliver Kleineberg, Hirschmann Automation & Control