The Future of 5G on the Factory Floor

Technical Paper Abstract

5G cellular connectivity brings exciting promise to the Industrial Automation sector. This session tries to answer the questions of what enhancements to industrial communication we can expect in the near term, such as release 17 and 18, and what we can expect in the long term, such as 6G. This session also tries to understand what near term and long term is, when we can expect technology to adopt these solutions, as well as define some of the overarching political and market fundamentals which change when and why this technology is used. We will also look at the present state of 5G solutions to drive an understanding of what forces are currently resisting this change and who is currently benefiting. This session is a supplement to David Brandt’s and Scott Griffiths paper from the 2020 ODVA conference “5G – Not Just for Cell Phones Anymore.”

The certain path for 5G on the industrial floor, paved by 5G-ACIA, the supplementary organization to assist 3GPP in delivering 5G technology for industrial applications, has had a long gestation period since ACIA’s inception. What can we expect in the next generation of 5G releases, and upcoming 6G technology on industrial networks?

Paper and presentation from the 2023 ODVA Industry Conference & 22nd Annual Meeting

Rob Lodesky, HMS Networks