General Purpose Single Pair Ethernet for Process Instruments

Technical Paper Abstract

ODVA has demonstrated industry leadership in Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) solutions. External promotion included liaison with IEEE P802.3cg project, and active stakeholder position in the APL Project. Domain-specific specification EtherNet/IP enhancements include an “In-cabinet” SPE solution (motor control components), and “Ethernet-APL” (process instruments for hazardous locations). Further specification enhancements are underway in the EtherNet/IP Physical Layer Special Interest Group for “GPSPE” (general purpose SPE). One intent of GPSPE is to extend SPE use cases – by reaching out from the cabinet and into non-hazardous field locations. Another intent of GPSPE is to reference existing/emerging SPE standards rather than invent new technology. GPSPE will be useful to expand the application space of EtherNet/IP for constrained devices across industrial domains (discrete, hybrid, and process automation) – reducing the end-device electronics and field cabling. This session discusses use cases and benefits when utilizing GPSPE with new Process Instruments. This session also discusses minor changes that allow – EtherNet/IP end-devices using Ethernet-APL to interoperate with other GPSPE devices.

Paper and presentation from the 2023 ODVA Industry Conference & 22nd Annual Meeting

David D. Brandt, Rockwell Automation
Michael Bückel, Endress+Hauser