Evolving the CIP Energy Objects

Technical Paper Abstract

The intention of the CIP Energy initiative, as stated on the ODVA website, is to allow for the optimization of energy usage and scalability of implementation from basic energy awareness to advanced functions of energy control including dynamic demand-response. The ODVA Energy Applications SIG originally defined three specific objects: the Base Energy Object, the Electrical Energy Object, and the Non-Electrical Energy Object. Later, the Power Management Object and the Power Curtailment Object were added. These five CIP Objects became the basis for CIP Energy™. When developed between 2010 and 2015, these objects were state of the art and sufficient for the times. It was discovered during the design of the Power Curtailment Object that revisions were needed for the Power Management Object. With stronger industry concerns over cost savings in production, energy usage is one of the largest costs and a big concern. It is time to rediscover and modernize the CIP Energy Objects. This session will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the current CIP Energy Objects and suggest ways to modernize them, which could include working closely with the OPC Foundation, for today’s industrial operations.

Paper and presentation from the 2023 ODVA Industry Conference & 22nd Annual Meeting

Richard Blair, Schneider Electric
Todd Snide, Schneider Electric