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Updated on: August 28, 2018 09:50
Policy Regarding Compliant Products

Pub 8

ODVA seeks to ensure, to the greatest extent practicable, that products implementing ODVA’s technical specifications and technical standards (collectively, the "Specifications") comply with the Specifications and interoperate in multi-vendor systems. The purpose of the Policy Regarding Compliant Products (“Policy”) is to provide clear rules regarding the rights and obligations of all Licensed Vendors of ODVA technologies to produce Compliant Products, and obtain and maintain a Declaration of Conformity issued by ODVA. This relates to the Specifications, Conformance and adjunct testing, Declarations of Conformity and Advisory Declarations in order to promote the widest possible deployment of ODVA technologies by industry by helping to ensure that product implementations of ODVA technologies comply with the Specifications and that Compliant Products interoperate in multi-vendor systems.

This document is the complete and exclusive statement of the ODVA Policy Regarding Compliant Products. All Licensed Vendors shall be subject to this Policy and it shall operate in concert with their Terms of Usage Agreements.