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EtherNet/IPTM, Technology & Standards, Technical Overview or White Paper
Updated on: April 06, 2017 15:30
EtherNet/IP Interoperability Test Procedures

Pub 95

This document identifies test procedures for interoperability testing of EtherNet/IP devices. The test procedures are derived from a series of documents that have been produced by ODVA and the North American EtherNet/IP Implementors Workshop.

This document is one of a set of documents that will lay out the test plans, procedures, and logistics for performing interoperability testing on EtherNet/IP devices. This document consists of a specific set of test procedures that describe the way to per form interoperability testing for EtherNet/IP devices. Other documents may describe the specific way in which the tests will be conducted at a particular event. Test results will be recorded in a test results document that will be provided only to the vendor. If the product has a valid Declaration of Conformance (DoC), upon successfully completing the advisory test followed by PlugFest Completion at a TSP, the product’s DoC will be updated to indicate that it has passed the Advisory Test for EtherNet/IP Interoperability. Devices that do not have a valid Declaration of Conformance may use the Interoperability Advisory Test results in the future (within 6 months of completing the Interoperability Advisory test) if the same device revision passes the ODVA Conformance and PlugFest Completion tests at a TSP.