Optimization of Cloud Interface (OCI™)


Industrial automation is undergoing an architectural transformation in its computing network architecture for cloud computing that includes not only data analytics and remote access but also device management, notifications and alarms, virtualization, visualization and, in the future, control. To accelerate this transformation for CIP-enabled industrial control systems (ICS), ODVA is in the beginning stages of technical work to develop standards for the transport data between ICS and the Cloud.


Called the Common Industrial Cloud Interface, the goal of ODVA’s work is to optimize high performance, secure communications between devices, their ICS and the cloud. Specifically, ODVA’s technical work is focused on two elements in the ecosystem for the industrial cloud: a cloud gateway appliance (Gateway) and an application program interface (API). In this context, ODVA’s view of its cloud ecosystem is agnostic with respect to the deployment of cloud computing resources in off-premise, on premise, public, private and/or hybrid models and exclusive of services and applications within the cloud itself.


“The addition of the Common Industrial Cloud Interface as a new ODVA technology paves the way for vendors of cloud-centric technologies to join with ODVA’s established community of device vendors to collaborate in defining the Common Industrial Cloud Interface to accelerate the realization of the fourth industrial revolution through standards and vendor adoption.” 

Katherine Voss, ODVA president and executive director


Click here to read ODVA’s announcement regarding its new area of technical work pertaining to the Optimization of Cloud Interface.

For information on how to become involved in the ODVA community working on the Common Industrial Cloud Interface, please email .gro.avdo@avdo

Integration of the Common Industrial Cloud Interface into ODVA’s portfolio of information and communication technologies is one element in ODVA’s Optimization 4.0 initiative, the umbrella under which ODVA aggregates its vision of the industrial Internet of Things, as it relates to the realization of the fourth industrial revolution.