Leaders in Industrial Automation Convene at ODVA’s 2015 Industry Conference & 17th Annual Meeting

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA — The membership of ODVA, an international standards development and trade organization composed of more than 300 members from the world’s leading suppliers of industrial automation products, has elected the leadership for its 18th term. Elections were held in conjunction with ODVA’s 2015 Industry Conference & 17th Annual Meeting of Members, October 13-15, 2015 in Frisco, Texas.

ODVA’s Board of Directors is responsible for overall governance of the organization and comprises senior executives from leading automation equipment suppliers. In its 18th term, ODVA’s directors are:

  • Dr. Rolf Birkhofer, managing director for process solutions at Endress+Hauser, 
  • Dr. Thomas Bürger, vice president of engineering automation systems at Bosch Rexroth,
  • Mr. Michael Höing, executive vice-president of cross divisional functions at Weidmüller, 
  • Mr. Fabrice Jadot, senior vice-president for innovation and technology and CTO for the industry business of Schneider Electric, 
  • Mr. Tony Shakib, vice president of business development for the Internet of Things Business Development at Cisco Systems, 
  • Mr. Masaru Takeuchi, general manager of controller business and automation systems for industrial automation business at Omron, and  
  • Dr. Jürgen Weinhofer, vice-president for common architecture and technology for Rockwell Automation.

Operation of ODVA is the responsibility of its officers. ODVA’s officers are a blend of professionals from ODVA’s membership and professional staff. In the 18th term, ODVA’s officers are:

  • Ms. Katherine Voss, president & executive director. 
  • Mr. Joakim Wiberg, chief technology officer,
  • Mr. Christopher Lynch, secretary, and 
  • Dr. Jürgen Weinhofer, treasurer.

As ODVA’s president and executive director, Katherine Voss is ODVA’s chief executive with the responsibility for general management and day-to-day operation of ODVA which has its headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA with additional operations in China, Germany, Japan, and Korea. Ms. Voss is a member of ODVA’s professional staff and prior to joining ODVA worked as an executive and entrepreneur in the automation industry. 

ODVA’s Technical Review Board (TRB) oversees the development of standards for the organization including approval of technology enhancements for inclusion in the ODVA specifications which encompass the Common Industrial Protocol or “CIP™” and its network adaptations of CIP - EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, CompoNet™ and ControlNet™. In its 18th term, ODVA’s representatives to its TRB are Mr. Rudy Belliardi of Schneider Electric, Mr. Paul Didier of Cisco Systems, Dr. Jörg Hähniche of Endress+Hauser, Dr. Ludwig Leurs of Bosch Rexroth, Mr. Shinji Murayama of Omron, Mr. Eric Scott of Molex, Mr. Dave VanGompel of Rockwell Automation, and Mr. Joakim Wiberg of HMS Industrial Networks. As ODVA’s chief technology officer, Joakim Wiberg will be the TRB chairperson. Mr. Wiberg is an employee of ODVA regular and sustaining member HMS Industrial Networks. 

“With thought leadership from more than 300 corporate members, ODVA is one of the world’s leading international standards development and trade organizations aimed at the advancement and promotion of open, interoperable information and communication technologies for industrial automation,” said Katherine Voss, ODVA president and executive director. “In the 18th term, ODVA’s leadership will continue to work to shape the future of industrial automation through enhancements to ODVA’s technology portfolio and alignment of ODVA’s activities with industry megatrends like the Industrial Internet of Things.”

About ODVA

Founded in 1995, ODVA is a global association whose members are comprised of the world’s leading automation companies. ODVA’s mission is to advance open, interoperable information and communication technologies in industrial automation. ODVA recognizes its media independent network protocol, the Common Industrial Protocol or “CIP” – and the network adaptations of CIP – EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet and ControlNet – as its core technology and the primary common interest of its membership. ODVA’s vision is to contribute to the sustainability and prosperity of the global community by transforming the model for information and communication technology in the industrial ecosystem. For future interoperability of production systems and the integration of the production systems with other systems, ODVA embraces the adoption of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and standard, unmodified Internet and Ethernet technologies as a guiding principle wherever possible. This principle is exemplified by EtherNet/IP – the world’s number one industrial Ethernet network.

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CIP, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet and CompoNet are trademarks of ODVA.