New SIG to be established to develop a new network stack that harmonizes a native OPC UA information model and security features with CIP profiles and services 


ODVA recently formed an Ad Hoc Committee to (1) analyze the technical requirements for use cases in IIOT and real-time automation applications and (2) assess the value proposition for use of the device profiles and services of the Common Industrial Protocol with OPC UA. ODVA has completed this investigation and approved establishment of a new Special Interest Group (SIG). This SIG will define a new “full stack,” open, unified, standards-based IIoT communications solution for sensors, actuators, controllers, software and cloud to address the requirements of industrial automation in combination with information exchange between OT and IT systems. Until the brand name for the new ODVA technology and standard is chosen, the name “NewTEC” will be used to refer to the new network. When ODVA publishes The NewTEC Specification, the technology and standard will be administered and conformance tested as part of ODVA’s portfolio of industrial technologies and standards.

Development of the initial release of the ODVA specification for NewTEC is a major, multi-year project. To help support the resources needed for this development and to promote esprit de corps among NewTEC stakeholders in the start-up phase of the work, ODVA has established The NewTEC Start-up Community (Community). The primary objectives of the Community will be:

  • Publication of an ODVA specification for the NewTEC technology and standards for which ODVA can issue Declarations of Conformity for NewTEC products made and sold to comply with The NewTEC Specification; and

  • Promotion of awareness of, and interest in, NewTEC to industry. 

All ODVA Members in good standing are invited to enroll and participate in the Community, subject to the privileges of membership in the member’s class AND the Member’s agreement to contribute annual financial support to the Community, in addition to ODVA membership dues and other ODVA fees. Depending on Class of membership and Community Participation Level, an ODVA Member will have the option to participation in the NewTEC Working Groups - the SIG and/or the Strategic Market Requirements team (SMRt).  Enrollment in the Community is required to participate in the Working Groups.  


Click here to learn more about The NewTEC Start-Up Community and/or to enroll. Members need to enroll by September 6, 2018, to participate in the kickoff activities in September and October, including at the Annual Meeting; however, enrollment will remain open past this date in general.