Conformance-Only Inquiries from Vendors

The audience for this page is development and test engineers at ODVA’s Members and Licensed Vendors. Once you have reached the stage of having conformance-related questions and concerns, ODVA is here to help. You can be assured that ODVA’s objective is the same as yours – to complete the conformance testing process successfully and issue a DOC for the product so your product can get to market!

For a step-by-step overview of the steps in an product development project using ODVA Technology and Standards, including conformance testing, visit the KNOW-HOW HUB at this website, an area of the site designed specifically for product developers. There you will find lots of great information and links to ODVA order forms for important things like subscriptions to specifications, Vendor IDs, Conformance Test Software, and Testing Services. You’ll also find a detailed description of The Conformance Test Experience

If you still haven’t found what you need to know at this website regarding a specific conformance-related issue, you may submit an inquiry to ODVA’s Conformance Authority using the form below. Allow up to 5 business days for a response. 

Before you submit your inquiry, review the table below so that you understand the types of inquiries that the ODVA Conformance Authority does not answer. If you submit any of these types of inquiries, you will not receive a reply from ODVA other than the automatically generated response that your inquiry has been submitted to ODVA.

Conformance-Related Inquiries Not Answered by ODVA

Where You Can Get Help

Requests for conformance-related information on, or help with, products from ODVA Licensed Vendors other than the submitter of the inquiry.

Contact the other Licensed Vendors.

Requests for advice regarding the design, development and debugging of software and hardware implementations in order to pass ODVA conformance testing.

Contact an ODVA member who provides enabling technology and/or engineering services.

Any inquiry from an entity that is not an ODVA Licensed Vendor.

Visit KNOW-HOW HUB > Get Started to learn how to become an ODVA Licensed Vendor.


In addition, if you currently have an open file at ODVA for a device undergoing conformance testing or for a device under review for amendment and restatement of its Declaration of Conformity, please contact directly the ODVA Conformance Authority Engineer (CA Engineer) that has been assigned to your file.

Submit your question via our Conformance-Related Inquiry form for Licensed Vendors.