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The CIP eTraining Classroom from Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc. is a Microsoft Windows® compatible instructional tool. The eTraining Classroom has been created to help product developers and systems designers understand and apply the fundamentals of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). It offers a cost-effective alternative to off-site training and can help speed and streamline product development while also reducing the opportunity costs typically associated with technical training.

The eTraining Classroom makes use of Rockwell Automation Technologies training materials already used to teach hundreds of other product developers about CIP. This classroom instruction complements the ODVA CIP specification and it details specifics on the DeviceNet, ControlNet and EtherNet/IP network implementations of CIP.

The CIP eTraining Classroom is constructed in a modular format that allows students to easily navigate topics, set their own learning pace, and use the included materials as reference during a CIP product development. The presentation materials, classroom transcript, and a CIP Common Terms Technical Dictionary are all available to the student for printing to hardcopy. Web links to additional CIP support materials are also provided.


Features Include:

Topics of Instruction Include:

  • Proven CIP training materials used in the training of hundreds of CIP developers
  • Low-cost/high-value alternative to other off-site training
  • Modular design that allows students to set a personal pace for learning
  • Robust Macromedia Flash™-based user interface
  • Video footage of technical instructor and CIP presentation materials
  • CIP Common Terms Technical Dictionary
  • Web links to additional online CIP resources
  • Student exam and CIP eTraining Certificate of Completion (after earning a passing grade)
  • Microsoft Windows compatible CD-ROM

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