Introduction to EZ-EDS™ Software
EDS files contain the configuration details relevant to CIP devices. They are structured text files that follow a syntax defined by the CIP Networks Library: Volume One: Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Specification.

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Why Use EZ-EDS?
EDS files have grown more complex as CIP Networks have added features. Managing this complexity with an ASCII editor can be time consuming and error prone. A CIP-specific EDS file creation and editing tool can aid developers by ensuring proper EDS file syntax. EZ-EDS addresses the following problems:

  • Syntax errors
  • Misspelled keywords
  • Bit field meaning confusion
  • Existence of field references
  • Consistent formatting

EZ-EDS is a versatile tool for EDS creation and maintenance. It reduces the time to create EDSs through intuitive user guidance and by providing support for all EDS constructs with extension capabilities for future sections and keywords. Writing an EDS is no longer a lengthy, iterative process, but a straightforward task that can be completed quickly and effectively.

EZ-EDS was created to help manage EDS development and maintenance, and covers three adaptations of CIP Networks including modular rack devices not directly connected to a CIP Network.

  • Support of all keywords defined in the CIP Networks Library Volumes 1 through 7 (CIP, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, CIP Safety, CompoNet, Modbus Integration)
  • Support of old and new parameter data types with conversion between the two types if desired
  • Encoding/decoding of all descriptors and bit-fields
  • Encoding/decoding of many common EPATH types
  • Conversion of [EnumPar] sections to EnumN enumerations
  • Expandability for vendor-specific keywords and future specification enhancements
  • A balance between strict syntax check and openness for new EDS constructs
  • Inclusion of comments

All EDS fields and entries are created through a graphical user interface. Entries are either limited to correct syntax, or checked for errors which must be corrected before an EDS is saved. This feature ensures that anything created and saved using EZ-EDS is also readable by EZ-EDS. EDS sections and entries are built from the bottom up and can be created, deleted, or copied. EZ-EDS uses a predetermined format for consistent and readable files. It runs under 32-bit Windows version 98 and onward.

Version 3.9 of EZ-EDS does not support:

  • Fields of data type STRINGI are not checked for correct syntax
  • Not all data types are verified

EZ-EDS provides proper syntax in most cases, but does not validate the content of EDS files.

For complete information on EDS details see chapter 7 of Volume 1: CIP Specification in the CIP Networks Library Specifications.

Public keywords in EZ-EDS v3.9 are based on:

Volume 1: CIP Specification, edition 3.9
Volume 2: EtherNet/IP Adaptation of CIP, edition 1.10
Volume 3: DeviceNet Adaptation of CIP, edition 1.10
Volume 4: ControlNet Adaptation of CIP, edition 1.6
Volume 5: CIP Safety, edition 2.3
Volume 6: CompoNet Adaptation of CIP, edition 1.7
Volume 7: Modbus Integration Specification, edition 1.5.

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